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Do More Bats Live in Urban Areas or Wild Areas?

Seattle bats are active only at night and this is something that has led to theirbeing maligned and highly misunderstood. Many bats aren’t harmful as most people assume. There aren’t dirty or blind either. Only a very small percentage of the Washington bats actually contract rabies. Bats are very beneficial especially in the control of insects as they are a major predator for the insects that fly at night. They also aid in the pollination of fruit flowers and they disperse seeds in the rainforests leading to reforestation. They also have an amazing source or fertilizer. They also aid n medical research and have contributed to the development of some navigation aids that are greatly needed for the visually impaired.

Where they live
In most cases, Washington bats use literally any safe space that they can find to be a home. They will invade your home and use your attic, your chimney or even the walls to roost. Bats will live in a wide range ofplaces. The places where they roost will greatly be determined by the time of year. You will find Seattle bats in trees, barns, bridgesand even caves. They prefer caves and trees especially in the wild. Even though most bats in the urbanareas live within houses and buildings and in the wild, they love caves, where they choose to live may greatly depend on the particular species. There are lots of environments that the bats can thrive in. also, choice of a place to roost depends on what time of year it is and what activities they have. If they are hibernating, they choose a location where they are less likely to be disturbed. The location for hunting is also different. Mothers also choose a warm and safe location for raising their young ones.

When it is winter, the Seattle bats will usually start hibernating. To make this possible, the Seattle bats move into disused mines and into caves or tunnels. These are areas with cooler temperatures meaning that they won’t be disturbed. In summer and for quite some time, the femaleswillusuallylive together in what is referred to as a maternity roost. Usually, the femaleschoose a place that is warm as it is most ideal for bringing their young ones into theworld. They will usually stay here toll such a time that the young are able to feed and fly on their own. This is one of the reasons as towhy one needs to be keen before closing up the entry points. There may be baby Washington bats within.

Washington ats do migrate looking for favorable conditions elsewhere. However, in observing the behavior of bats, the likelihood of their returning to an old place where they roosted is very high. They have been known to return to the same place over and over again.

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