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Are Coyotes Dangerous to Cats, Dogs, or Other Pets?

Washingtin coyotes are a very valuable addition to the urban ecosystems because they prey on rats and mice which are considered as pests. There are some people who are for the idea that the coyote dint thrive in urban and suburban areas because they may never see them. This is a very dangerous assumption especially for the animal companions that you may have. This sounds imperfect for any of the living place.

Seattle coyotes will normally hunt the small mammals like the moles, rabbits and mice. However, if they get a chance, they can eat cats whether feral or tame. The smaller breeds of dogs are also at a very high risk even though attacks on the dogs are rare.

Protecting pets
The greatest way that you can protect pets is to make sure that they go outside only when you are able to be with them and most especially in the night time. Also make sure that you keep the pet water and food indoors to discourage a confrontation.

Protect cats
Washington coyotes are not the only threat that cats face today when they venture outdoors. There are even bigger dangers. When a cat is allowed to go outdoors and roam freely, there are uncountable dangers that they are exposed to and they include people, poison, coyotes, disease, dogs and cars, Persons with feral cats are concerned by the Seattle coyote threat and these concerns are actually well founded because the coyotes are attracted to the pet food that is outdoors and the cats that they love to prey on. The best thing to do is to make sure that the cats are fed in the day at a specific time. When they are done feeding, make sure you pick all the leftovers. You also need to give the cats an escape route. If your compound is treeless, you can erect cat posts using wood standing out of the ground at around twelve feet. Cats can climb but Washington coyotes cant.

Also, you can elevate all the feeding stations so that they are way above the reach of the Seattle coyotes, harass or discourage any coyote that you spot on your property. Be aggressive and use techniques that can work so make sure they are not comfortable.

As for small dogs, they shouldn’t be left unattended and shouldn’t be chained but put on a leash when in the public areas.

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