How to Keep Deer Away from Pond or Streams

Washington deers also enjoy spending time beside streams , ponds and water-logged areas, where they can find plants to eat and also drink water. Preventing deer from such places may mean that you have to trap them , as the use of repellents have been proven to be ineffective in preventing their activities.

Exclusion techniques remains the best harmless way to keep Seattle deers away from a pond or stream, in this case , you need to ensure that you trace their access routes to the stream and block the routes off , to ensure that they don’t access them. Deers are not as smart as you think, though they can run away very fast especially when their lives are in danger. Washington deers are capable of ignoring all tactics used in scaring them, they can also jump over fences but that is if such fences are not high enough.

You need to erect fences with measurements of at least 6 x 6 inches, and the fences should partly extend below the foundation level. The reason why you must avoid gaps and holes in your fence is that Seattle deer can crawl under and gain access to streams , ponds or even your garden or landscape plants. Experts suggest that your fences should measure at least 8 inches in height , and you must include barriers such as angle nettings to further prevent them from exploring loopholes.

If Possible you should ensure that thorny shrubs are planted close to the entry routes of Seattle deers , especially around the pond or stream , to ensure that they get injured when trying to access such place. They may be persuaded to move away from an area when they always get injured from such barriers. The planting of poisonous plants close to streams and ponds can also scare away Washington deers , because they are often scared of eating such plants. Make sure you have fuzzy, coarse, needle-like or aromatic plants close to an area you don’t want the animals to access, and they will definitely stay away.Mint and Lavender for instance, are plants that are quite aromatic and irritating to deers.

Shooting Washington deers is not a preventive method that is recommended , especially where rules and regulations do not support such. Shooting as a method of getting rid of deers is only effective when the population of the animals are few, but with a huge population of deers, you definitely need fencing and other exclusion techniques to get rid of them.

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