Keeping Opossums Out of the Garden

Frequently, the Seattle opossums are considered to be a great nuisanceespecially in the garden or around it especially when the trample or feed on plants. The opossum can rummage through your garbage and the steal the food meant for pets.

How to deal with it
So as to be able to deal with the issue at hand, it is always essential to understand the habits of the Washington opossums so as to combat them in the best way possible. There are different ways that you can utilize for the garden and they include:

Repellents: there are all sorts of products that are available in the market and they target the repelling of Washington opossums. However, it is always important to note that the repellents aren’t always the best and they only offer short term relief. You can also use the sprinkler systems that are motion activated as they can startle the animals and make them leave your garden.

Trapping: this is another amazing method that you can use to keep the Seattle opossum off your garden. You need to have some know how on how to go about trapping and what needs to be done after the animal is caught. Relocation is necessary at times and you may need a wildlife expert in many areas.

Killing: this is not a thing that is recommended and in many localities it is actually illegal. It is always better to trap the Washington animals as it is more humane.

Fencing: electricfencing or woven wire can prove to be quite effective in keeping the Washington opossum out of your garden. The fencing should be around 4 feet in height. However, the best thing to do is to make sure that yoursurroundings aren’t that appealing to the Seattle opossum. Prune all the trees and shrubs that have overgrown and debris needs to be removed. Keepthe garden clean by making sure that fallen fruit is taken. You can also choose to make it really hard for the opossum to climb the trees. You can use galvanized iron sheets all around the posts and the beam structures like the pergolas. The aim is to create surfaces that are slippery and areas on which the claws cannot hold.

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